Niña mayot

This is just a short reminder, specially for Abuelo, who loves saying it like you: “niña mayot” instead of “niña mayor”. In fact, you always replace the “r” at the end of a word with a “t”, so when you say any spanish verbs, it kind of sounds like you’re speaking Catalan (try it, you’ll see). Anyway, back to my niña mayot:

When you were two years old we started telling you what a big girl you were because you were making immense progress in communication and independence. Soon after, you started echoing our words: you just loved telling us what a big girl you were, so proud of your accomplishments.

While living in Berlin, you also learned to say it in German because you were finally potty trained at the Kita. I loved hearing you say “grosse Mädchen”. How much German do you know that we have no idea about?

You amaze us every step of the way.

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