Too much excitement

A couple nights ago, after Abuelo, Nini and mein Maud had spent the weekend with us, you refused to go to sleep.

It started with some soft singing in your bed but, after half an hour, it escaladed to screaming about wanting to play with mom and dad. Sweet, but still wrong. So your dad went and told you to go to sleep. Once he had left, you decided you really needed to go to the bathroom. That was already pushing it for me, so I told you sternly that you had to go to bed and sleep or I would have to punish you.

About a minute later, I started hearing “Mamá, tengo moquillos” coming from your room. This also lasted about half an hour and escalated to screaming, then crying. You were obviously desperate for attention that night. So I decided I would go and wipe your nose, but in exchange, enough was enough, you would have to give up either Doudou or Ratatouille.

You sacrificed Ratatouille, which was predictable, but it hurt too much. Even after I left your room, telling you that if you didn’t sleep and kept crying, I’d have to take Doudou, you kept crying and saying “A-ta-touuuuille” in a very pathetic tone. I went back into your room to give you one last warning: “Nena, si no dejas de llorar y gritar, y no te duermes, voy a tener que quitarte a Doudou también”. Your response was clear: “Tiero a Atatouuuuuille”.

That was that, I took Doudou from your hands and asked your dad to explain to you, again, that if you behaved, you’d get them back for the next night; you were refusing to listen to me. Your dad managed to make you understand and you immediately went to sleep.

What a nightmare!

Needless to say we were all dead tired the next day and we all slept like babies the next night.

We still love you, crapule.

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