Multiplying the love

This post is the first in a long time. I have a good excuse: we’ve been multiplying our love. It doesn’t sound quite as exhausting as it actually is… There’s a lot of learning involved; a lot of trial and error and error (yes, error must be stated twice in order to properly convey just how much I feel I’ve messed up these past few months).

A month ago La Terreur received a little sister! Chéri and I finally got to hold our new bundle of joy. Joy, in this context, obviously stands for: tears, screams, poop, milk, puke and a lot of good things, too.

Update: For reasons obvious to me (and probably Chéri), this post was never finished. I last worked on it on June 25, 2011 at 6:02 pm. That means that little Elsa was about to turn one month old and, by reason of post-partum insanity, I thought I would be able to blog. Ha! Haha! Elsa, you tornadoed our lives about 6.5 years ago and I will soon write a post just about that, which will make it clear why this one went unfinished for years…

I love both my little trogloditas preciosas.

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