Elsa’s playlist

Let’s be honest, Elsa, at first you only wanted to have a playlist on the iPad because Nina had one. But then again, how cool is it that you can have your own list of favourite songs?! While the most common thing was that you would both ask to add the same song to your playlists at the same time, you also had some freedom to add music when Chéri and I weren’t around, which led to some surprises.

You were 4-5 years old when you first discovered this great playlist tool and you still had little experience with the iPad, so you were not sure of where to click and what to do when you wanted to add a song. You would ask Nina to write the names of the songs you wanted in the search bar and then you would try to add them.

One day, we discovered that you had managed to add your own playlist “Elsa” into itself some 4 or 5 times, making it extremely long (music for days…). Then you inadvertently deleted it completely, which was painful because you curated it carefully (in your own way).

A bit later, it also became a way to be different because, once in a while, it did happen that you and Nina would like different songs. Trust me when I tell you, the difference was not hugely noticeable for Chéri and I, so when you and Nina would fight about whose playlist to play, it didn’t make much sense to us.

Today, you asked to put on your playlist and Chéri asked to play it on “shuffle” mode; this allowed us to discover a lot of music that we didn’t know. It turns out that you had filled your playlist with other playlist from the suggestions page of Apple Music, which is why it was almost 9 hours long. We’ve been listening to it for 2 hours so far…

We love you, Elsita.

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