No, nada, mamá…

I was lucky enough to share this moment with your grandpa who was visiting us in Berlin that week (the first week of July 2010):

Abuelo was making lunch in the kitchen, as he often is, and you had been a very good girl by playing on your own all morning. As abuelo finished preparing the food and I was setting the table, you were playing with the puzzle-mat from abuela.

“Nena, vamos a lavarnos las manos ahora…” I said.

“Sí, porque están sucias del caramelo” you interrupted very cheerfully.

“… porque vamos a comer ya.” I finished. Then, a little confused, I asked “¿Qué caramelo, chiqui? ¿De qué hablas?”.

Suddenly, your face got very serious and your eyes got wider. Then, as if to calm my fear of something, in a very don’t-worry-yourself tone, and with a little nothing-to-see-here gesture of your hands, you said “No, nada, mamá. Nada.”

Abuelo and I wondered if we had misunderstood what you were trying to say but we just got ready for lunch and ate.

After lunch, you went to play again in what I thought was your play room. I was curious and peeked around the corner only to find you in my bedroom smuggly looking at your reflection in the TV screen. But… wait a minute… there’s something in your mouth… And why is my backpack open?

Earlier that week I had saved my last two tic-tacs for another day. I always kept the little box in the front pocket of my backpack. It was now empty!

You had clearly helped yourself to one in the morning, hence the “No, nada, mamá” episode, and to one for dessert.


I couldn’t do much more than laugh about it and explain to you, for the first time in your life, that you can’t just go into people’s bags and you certainly can’t help yourself to candy whenever you want. Here’s to there not being a second!

I just wish I could get a picture or video of you making your nonchalant face and gesture.

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