How such a little thing could generate such big news…

Well, it’s official. Yesterday, the doctor confirmed that everything is going well and we can now start telling people that I’m 11 to 12 weeks pregnant with a 2-inch-long, alien-looking, beautiful baby. I’d like to say “we’re pregnant”, for the sentiment, but since I’m the one with the full belly, the nausea, the cramps, the constant peeing, etc., I’ll stick to owning the pregnancy.

Chéri seems to be holding up pretty well despite my mood swings and my need to sleep all the time. I am well aware that I’ve been useless around the house these past weeks. I hope the “yucky” feeling passes soon.

After the good news from the doctor and the little picture from the ultrasound, Chéri and I decided to share the big event with La Terreur.

Her first reaction was anticlimactic to say the least. She just wanted to get back to her movie! Worse, when Chéri asked her if she would like to be a big sister, she nonchalantly answered “No…”, letting her little voice trail off while she stared at the TV hoping to be left alone.

I started explaining that all her old baby things, the ones that she was so proud to have outgrown, would be handed down to the new baby. She liked that and joined in by making an exhaustive list of things that she had grown out of, including, but not limited to: socks, shoes, slippers, little books, cribs, pajamas and musical mobiles.

She eventually even decided to lend the baby Doudou and Ratatouille, but I’m pretty sure she’ll change her mind on that one. That’s actually something to think about now: the new baby needs its own Doudou. Will Chéri do as good a job as he did with the original Doudou for La Terreur? She loves that thing and knows it inside and out. Actually, she tells it she loves it constantly now; it’s a recent thing.

So, now that I’ve broken radio silence because it was the only way to keep my pregnancy “secret”, I’ll have to post about how we came to find out about the pregnancy.

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