Deux petites anecdotes de notre vie quotidienne

Nina, cela fait bien longtemps que je n’ai pas trouvé le temps d’écrire la suite de tes aventures par ici. Entre la thèse et ton infernale petite soeur ça a laissé peu de temps libre. Tu as maintenant 4 ans et demi, tu deviens chaque jour une personne un peu plus extraordinaire. Tu es pleine d’humour, […]

Well, it’s official. Yesterday, the doctor confirmed that everything is going well and we can now start telling people that I’m 11 to 12 weeks pregnant with a 2-inch-long, alien-looking, beautiful baby. I’d like to say “we’re pregnant”, for the sentiment, but since I’m the one with the full belly, the nausea, the cramps, the […]

Plastiline? No no no…

This morning, you and Abuela were playing with Play-doh when she decided to ask you how your dad says it: “Yo digo plastilina. Y papá ¿cómo lo dice? ¿Plastiline?” “No… je veux jouer avec toi avec la pâte a modeler.” That is one very succinct translation, my favourite little polyglot.

Pap-a-day to you

Another thing you probably don’t notice yet about me is that my German is not very good. Apart from the French accent that I have when I speak it, my grammar and conjugation are just a mess. There’s also the lack of vocabulary which I usually make up for by using the word in English […]

Happy 3rd birthday!

Yay! Today you turned 3 years old. It was almost 11am, September 3rd 2007, when the doctor took you out of my big, fat belly. You didn’t cry as you were born and I couldn’t see you because a curtain blocked my view of what the doctor was doing to my abdomen; it was comforting […]

Too much excitement

A couple nights ago, after Abuelo, Nini and mein Maud had spent the weekend with us, you refused to go to sleep. It started with some soft singing in your bed but, after half an hour, it escaladed to screaming about wanting to play with mom and dad. Sweet, but still wrong. So your dad […]

He has done it: your dad has reached another parenting milestone. Early Sunday morning (it couldn’t possibly be “late Sunday morning” because you start your days, and ours, at 5 am now), I heard some contained screams of pain coming from the living room, followed by a very calm: “Nina, il faut que tu ranges […]

Niña mayot

This is just a short reminder, specially for Abuelo, who loves saying it like you: “niña mayot” instead of “niña mayor”. In fact, you always replace the “r” at the end of a word with a “t”, so when you say any spanish verbs, it kind of sounds like you’re speaking Catalan (try it, you’ll […]

Eine histoire de idiomas

Au tour de Papa de s’y mettre. Je n’ai certainement ni le goût ni le talent de ta mère pour l'(e-)écriture mais je vais essayer de raconter de temps en temps tes exploits les plus remarquables. […]


Okay, okay, you’re right. This one I’m writing more for myself. It’ll probably help me through a rough patch with you when you’re older and hating me for being strict, embarrassing or just plain boring. This summer you’ve really taken a liking to talking. You want and need to communicate. Constantly. Those frustrating moments where […]